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CE/CX Solutions

Customers today expect companies to either just get it or get lost.

The new normal for consumers is being able to do business on their terms, with companies that have services that are easy to discover, easy to use and are personalised and relevant to them.

Services that fulfill desires of Hopes & Dreams, without Barriers & Uncertainties. Services that are Meaningful and that connect them to a Story.

I bring the ability to reimagine your business, developing clear and executable solutions that allow you to constantly monitor effectiveness with little effort, to keep resources focused on the North Star of your business.

Privacy, Data Protection & Ethics

As a Privacy program leader and with a dual literacy in Privacy/Security and Consumer Engagement/Product development, I can easily help you with discussions between teams that speak different languages: technologists that dream about their product features versus the Legal and Security experts that focus on compliance. The principles of Privacy By Design and Privacy By Default are straightforward on paper. But implementing those ideas requires an ability to change mindsets on the fly. That is exactly what offer.

Excellent Leadership.

What does your ideal leader look like? One who manages a team by constantly evaluating its members and reporting progress? Or a knowledgeable leader that can foster a culture able to change and invent the new. Allowing a team to form, adjust, fail and learn, developing their own culture allowing them to prosper and succeed. And protecting them from politics and stakeholders that might stray them from their path. In some organisations a leader also needs to be a diplomat to deliver results.

With 15+ years experience leading small teams of experts to the top and with Leadership Management trainings from Yearth, I believe I now grasp a little of what it means to be a true Sherpa.

The Simplevice Methodology

The Principles of Simplevice


Getting to understand your market and the specific challenges your business faces in building a scalable business engine for growth. 


Identification and engagement of the relevant stakeholders and influencing them to develop the right mindset. 


Implementation of a new or improved framework for you designed to grow with your business. Helping your team understand how the new strategy will help them become more effective at reaching their objectives.


Ongoing support and involvement to learn, adjust and improve the strategy, promote continuous collaboration.

How It Works

Free Consultation

A free 20min consultation to help identify how James can have an effective impact on your business by:

  1. Qualifying your needs.
  2. Matching the required skillset and expertise.
  3. Develop a common understanding of the goals.

Analysis & Strategy Workshops

Business Analysis using the right tools and techniques to discovery efficiency gaps. Strategy workshops to get the right mindset and knowledge to develop a new or improved and highly effective transformation strategy.

Implementation & Evaluation

Following the defined strategy plan. Implementing a bespoke framework within a set timeframe.

About Simplevice

Simplevice is simply an alias.
Selling yourself starts with the development of an idea that can easily be perceived and in this case gives a feeling of success and trust, while grounded in reality: simple advice.

My name is Rudhra. I have been working in customer focused corporate finance since 2004. I studied Cognitive Artificial Intelligence at the University of Utrecht. Fast forward 15 years and now my Linkedin abstract reads as follows:

* Inspirational people manager adept at building high-performing teams and leading toward a common vision.
* Seasoned business professional with 15 years experience across product development, business development, partnership development, strategy, operations & analytics.
* Deep understanding of digital platforms, machine learning, digital ethics, data protection and how digital
solutions can be used to deliver profitable, measurable results while adhering to compliance standards.
* Strong defender of ethics (privacy, data protection) in digital technologies such as AI, Machine Learning.
* Have developed and lead partnerships with a wide variety of clients, ranging from C-level tech start-ups and corporate industry leaders to global media agencies.
* Have scaled small, early-stage business units to $1M+ in a start-up environment.
* Natural ability to draw insights from data to inform decisions.
* Have worked across Europe.

Although most of my experience comes from working at start-ups and scale-ups, I have worked closely with multinationals like: T-Mobile, ING Group, ABN AMRO, KLM, P&G and the global media agencies (Dentsu Aegis, IPG Mediabrands, OmnicomMediaGroup, IUM).



I know Rudhra as a specialist in technical solutions. His knowledge of Automated advertising buying and selling is major. In the time we did business together we allways had good conversations about the way we should setup a buying structure where everybody is happy.

Marc Van Der Ploeg

Managing Director, Quantum Advertising

Rudhra was Blueriq spokesman. For every question, no matter how detailed, there was Rudhra. We as a team depended on his knowledge of the system.

Soerin Bipat, PhD

Security Management Consultant

“I worked with Rudhra only a few months at YD/Yieldr but I got to know him as a very smart and trustworthy colleague. His exceeding knowledge across the digital marketing-mix, focus on online advertising has convinced me the most. Rudhra is the kind of person who is very open-minded and willing to go the extra mile. I can highly recommend Rudhra as a colleague and employee.”

Daniela Strauf

Rudhra was eigenlijk het vooruitgeschoven gezicht van Everest, de leverancier van een nieuwe hypotheken MO/FO applicatie voor divisie intermediair bancair. Waar hij altijd erg druk was meerdere mensen van de operations,  analisten en het thuisfront tevreden te houden, wist hij altijd tijd te vinden om de nodige technische vragen te beantwoorden. Ik heb altijd prettig samengewerkt met Rudhra en ik heb hem altijd als stabiele boei in tijden van storm gezien, die ook nog eens zijn telefoon opnam.

Marco Glorie

Product Owner at NN Group

I have gotten to know Rudhra as a creative problem solver who displays a strong work ethos. He is a team player who does not shy from giving his opinion and stands up for what he believes is the right course of action. Our working relationship was a good one, with animated discussions and strong dedication to the success of the project. I heartedly recommend him to anyone requiring his talents.

Keshen Mathura

Chief Medical Officer at MicroVision Medical

Rudhra worked very accurate and delivered excellent results. Rudhra is a real teamplayer. The customer we worked for at the time was very satisfied.

Maarten Joosen

Senior Consultant & Enterprise Architect

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